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One Robot after another, Robothon aims to run for delineate solution and build a better World. Robothon echos Daniel H. Wilsons saying, "There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics. A lot of it is just too fantastic for people to believe". Robothon believes in young minds who are capable of discovering and innovating those fantastic robots which stands a solution for endless real time challenges.



The Robofest envisions to unfasten future of India where we can proudly celebrate India as a robotic revolution. Across industries, automating processes through robot integration is on the rise and we at Robofest preserves to bring this fourth revolution of robot integration into India Robofest is a festival of technology, a call for celebration. A celebration of solving devastating problem at national frontiers by robotic arm.

StartUp Awards


The Startups are solving many real time problems with their innovative technologies. To give them the best recognition, Robofest is introducing startup awards from this edition. All the startups which are impacting socially are eligible for this awards.


Robofest brings you world class speakers in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence and the finest orators in the field of education.


Ms.Jully Tjindrawan


Arsh Shah Dilbagi


Ms.Simone Giertz




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This year Robofest also targets to encourage people to spark automation, reduce the effort of human labor, tap artificial intelligence to the maximum, thereby creating a never before interactive experiences with robots. As of now, team Robofest has worked on over 10 functional robots, including one humanoid, which are sure to enhance the visitors’ understanding of robotics and their uses. Robofest'17, Feb- 11 th-12th, Hyderabad, INDIA will be emblazoned with the propitious future of robotic India riveting international market space.